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I serve the Middletown, CT area with personal, onsite service for families and small businesses. Services can be provided on an “as needed” basis or on a regular schedule designed to meet your needs.

Services include:

  • Software updates: Mac or device operating systems or the apps that run on them. Synology or other NAS devices along with router firmware.
  • Backup strategy and solutions: Discuss the best way to protect your valuable data and then implement and monitor the backup solution.
  • Setup a Synology NAS and integrate it into your home or business.
  • Wireless network advice, troubleshooting and setup.
  • Provide advice and support for setting up and maintaining a website.
  • Network documentation.
  • Password management setup and training.
  • Software and hardware upgrade advice, support and troubleshooting.
  • Research on new technology.
  • Training for you, your family or business associates.
  • I always provide a detailed summary of the work that is done.

What I Don’t Support

My specialty is Mac, iOS and Synology and I’m experienced with networks and home entertainment technology. There are some areas that are not my strengths so I don’t do the following types of work:

  • Fix problems with Windows computers. (I will be happy to integrate Macs, iOS and Synology devices into a Windows network, but I won’t troubleshoot existing Windows issues or perform other work unrelated to the integrations.)
  • Anything that requires cutting or drilling, such as running cable. I will be glad to consult with electricians or contractors on a project.

You can read more about me here or contact me using the form below.