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I have over 20 years of IT experience, both working for and consulting to Fortune 500 and other large companies. I left enterprise IT in 2014 to strike out on my own and now use my experience to help individuals and small businesses wrangle their technology.

I concentrate on technology that helps me be more productive. It’s my strong belief that this technology will enable other individuals and small businesses to also be more productive, allowing us all to concentrate on what’s important.

While I currently use and enjoy a lot of Apple products, my experience in enterprise IT has taught me to avoid vendor lock-in in the software and tools I use. While I am a Apple Certified Support Professional (10.10), I don’t limit myself to Apple products. If Apple, or anyone else isn’t the best choice, or would lock me into a future I can’t control, I won’t use their stuff.

I’m also a proponent of Synology’s NAS (Network Attached Storage) products. I’ve use them extensively since 2011 and have owned and run six different models for my home and business, in addition to recommending them to friends and clients. Synology provides many ways to tackle home and small business requirements. I now do much of my Synology writing at OSQuest Guides.

Google Apps has moved into my personal and business life now that I’m not tied to enterprise software. It’s often a good choice for a small business. Along these lines I’m a Google Apps Certified Administrator and can help you determine if Google Apps is a good choice for you, and if so, the most productive way to use it.

While Apple, Synology and Google products and services are what I personally use the most, they aren’t suitable for everyone or every situation. Therefore, I keep up with new and evolving technology and solutions.

When I’m not wrangling technology I enjoying using and repairing fountain pens. I write about fountain pen related stuff at The Fountain Pen Quest.

Although it’s rarely updated these days, back when I was working in enterprise IT I wrote about my personal tech, such as server builds, software used, and Synology in the home, at The OS Quest.