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iOS 10.3 Released

Yesterday Apple released iOS 10.3 for iPhone and iPads. This is a big one, especially under the hood. Apple is switching to the Apple File System (APFS) on iOS (eventually Mac OS will follow). While I haven’t had any issues, or heard of any, a file system change is a big deal. It’s possible that the file system conversion could break an app or corrupt data in a way not even the developer can fix. So be sure to backup your iOS device before installing the update. You may also want to put the update off a week or two and let other people uncover any issues.

This update did feel like it took longer than usual, about 25 minutes each on my iPhone 6s and my iPad Pro. My iPhone 6s also saw the battery drop from 100% to 87% after the upgrade. The iPad Pro only lost about 2% from the battery meter.

Other updates include:

  • Find My AirPods is now available in the Find My iPhone app.
  • There’s a new Today screen widget for the Podcast app.
  • Weather information is now available in Maps for iPhone 6s and newer phones.
  • Apple ID information has been consolidated and put front and center in the settings screen. The Apple ID Profile now also includes a view into your iCloud Storage usage.
  • iCloud calling is now available on Verizon so you can make and take calls when the iPhone isn’t around but other devices are.
  • Settings -> General -> About -> Applications should warn you about apps that may slow your phone (32-bit apps). I don’t have any so I couldn’t see this in action (or I do and it’s not working – I think it’s the former).

As usual there’s also a plethora of security updates to iOS 10.3.

Last warning – be sure to backup before upgrading, especially this time.