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Synology Acknowledges CPU Concerns/Extends Warranty

If you follow the tech press you may have noticed stories about problems with an Intel CPU (Atom C2000) used in some Synology products (and many non-Synology products).

While Synology never mentions Intel or the CPU (I suspect there’s a non-disclosure requirement at play here) they have extended the warranty of the six model that use the CPU by one year.

I recently had to send in my DS1815+ for warranty service after experiencing this failure, or at least something that resulted in the same bricked NAS. In my case I seemed to be experiencing a different issue which caused the NAS to spontaneously reboot several times in a row. While trying to troubleshoot that intermittent issue I must have experienced several dozen spontaneous reboots (usually in groups of 4 to 6 and in the dead of night) until the NAS just went completely dark. My theory is the stress of the reboots brought this problem to the surface.

Synology reworked the models starting in February. My replacement was received in February so I’m not sure if it’s a reworked model or not, although it did appear to be new, not refurbished. I suspect it was a non-reworked model pulled off the shelf so it’s nice to have another year warranty. This will bring it to 4 years where I will be considering replacing it as my primary NAS, although I do want to keep it around longer. My DS 1511+ has been around over 5 years and provides solid backup storage.

I also have a DS415+ that is nearing the end of it’s original warranty so it’s nice to get another year warranty on that one since it’s potentially affected.

If you have one of the affected models I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Especially since there’s not much you can do. Synology is not doing a proactive recall as they state that failure rates are normal. Since the problem prevents the NAS from booting there’s no chance of data corruption or loss since nothing is actually running. The big risk is down time that the NAS is not available while being replaced. I did not do anything to expedite the return and it took about three weeks to get the replacement. Shipping was one week each way (They are in Washington state, I’m in Connecticut.) They shipped the replacement two days after receipt. I used online tech support which added about two business days over a phone call. There are options to expedite the replacement, although expedited shipping can be expensive. If you want to cross-ship the new and old units they will charge you for the new unit then refund the amount when they get the unit you sent.

The 1-year warranty extension only covers the DS415+, DS1515+ DS1815+, DS2415+, RS815(RP)+, and RS2416(RP)+ models.