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Synology Releases DSM 6.1

Synology has released DiskStation Manager 6.1. Their official press release ishere. Their website has been updated to highlight the new features. The release notes are here.

Synology no longer supports Time Backup and HiDrive backup as of this version. So if you use these you’ll want to hold off until you have replacements.

Intrusion Protection is no longer supported and has been removed from Package Center. I assume this package will continue to live in the Synology routers, where it seems more appropriate.

For various reasons I didn’t have the hardware available to test this in beta, so I’m a little behind in reviewing this release. In fact, I was getting ready to install the beta yesterday when I noticed that the final release was out. At this time I haven’t seen it as an automatic update in Control Panel on any Synology NAS. I did download the release from the Synology download center and update a Synology DS716+.

The update was problem free and took about 15 minutes, including a reboot. The only niggles were the messages the that Snapshot Replication needed to be updated as did Log Center. Snapshot Replication was updated by DSM without any intervention on my part so that message was confusing, rather than informative. I did need to manually update Log Center as the installed version would not start.

One of the new features is:

Automatically updates incompatible packages after the installation of DSM 6.1 to boost your upgrading experience.

So this worked for one and failed for another.

As warned in the release notes, I did see higher than normal CPU usage for a short time after the upgrade. My media files were also re-indexed which increased CPU usage. While this took no where near as long as the full initial index, my NAS cpu was busy for about 45 minutes after the upgrade. Whether this was the warning about the infrastructure update or the file indexing is hard to say, except that the indexing process was the big CPU used during that time.

This test NAS has a basic setup, running only what I’d consider the common Synology packages. Meaning that everything it’s running probably got a good workout in the beta phase. Despite being a “.1” update, this is a significant update for DSM, incorporating a year’s worth of development. So I’ll be holding off a week or two before upgrading my own production Synology units and even longer before upgrading any clients. I haven’t run the installed packages long enough to say they are 100% problem free after the upgrade.